T-58: Editorial

“If we give people hell for trying hard to create something they’re proud of, how can we ever expect anyone to try?”–Lind of Mordengaard/Lady Guinevere Godmoney



Friends, today and Monday, we’re going to talk about a subject that is near ot my heart, but that I don’t take as seriously as I should. On Monday, we’re going to talk about showing your persona through your garb, but first: a brief editorial.

First, we must briefly discuss a toxic, false dichotomy that so many people perpetuate: the stick jocks vs. flurbs split.

Just stop. Perpetuating these stereotypes doesn’t help anyone. Some of our greatest fighters can hang with our greatest artisans, and some of our greatest artisans prefer ditching to battlegaming. Boxes are for packing, not people. 🙂

My next point: we are a fantasy game. Do you know how many people have been drawn in (and how many more could be) by demonstrating that facet? Yes, we get together in costume and fight in battlegames with boffer weapons, but I never again want to hear the self-deprecating elevator pitch that “we dress up funny and hit our friends with sticks.”

We should embrace, improve, and encourage the community we’re trying to cultivate. I’d say the majority of us self-identify as nerds. Don’t be the jerk you were trying to avoid when you joined the nerd club.

That being said, we need to encourage healthy character expression and fantasy within our game. If that first- or second- or twelfth-day newbie shows up with a slow, bulky-looking weapon that they obviously made themselves, rather than opening with, “oh, that’ll never pass safety inspection” or something else negative, I want your eyes to light up. I want your heart to overflow with pride.

Do you know what that player did, first and foremost? They invested in the game. They bought in. That’s HUGE! They are so excited to be a part of the community that they spent their time, money, and effort making a thing. They probably did a thing they’ve never done before in an effort to fit in with what can frankly be an intimidating crowd. That was you, once. Remember it.

If we cultivate new players to have enthusiasm for the game, if we build people up constructively rather than breaking them down, we will all be better for it.

Be excellent to each other!–<3 Lisael


T-86: hood embroidery continued

Worked on more hood embroidery. Also working on posts for the smith entry. Soaped the floss last night for the first time, which I think helped but also smells kind of strong. Had a small issue with a couple threads not pulling all the way through, but I didn’t realize until it was tied off.

Embroidery last night: about 2 hours?

Two rows finished–will continue these stitches after applique.


T-89: quick update because I haven’t updated

Okay, so got out of the habit of updating the blog, but I’ve still been doing some stuff (though slowly).

Last week, I wrote articles for the smith blog. 

This weekend, I cut my linen for the hood. As per usual, I messed something up mildly (stacked my linen too thick when using the rotary cutter), but since I had cut the hood for the largest pattern size, I was able to lose a little fabric to square things up.

Need to buy a small amount of Kona in pink, yellow, and white for the applique badge for the hood.