T-124: few more thoughts

The next local A&S competition is going to be based on persona, from what I’ve been told. The idea came to me last night to make a court sash for my persona. Healer sash covered in barbarian accents, including fur, leather backing, chainmail, claws, etc. Maybe this symbol: 

The sash could also be a kingdom level entry (I think garber – court).

I need to get into actively doing stuff. I’m feeling behind.

    T-129: yesterday and today

    Not much to report at the moment. I haven’t done as much as I would like for a couple days. Trying to make sure I do at least a little every day, but that I also make significant progress each week. Maybe I should do a weekly summary/plan each Monday, after the weekend’s work.


    • Bought playing cards to make cards for tablet weaving
    • Wrapped a handful of embroidery bobbins 


    • Cosplay A&S night in town; will measure and cut out pattern for pants on scrap fabric